Safeguarding statement

Safeguarding Statement for Children and Vulnerable Adults For the Parish of All Saints’ Church, Haslingfield

The Parish of All Saints’, Haslingfield is committed to safeguarding all those who attend
our worship and other activities.

We follow the House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Policy
‘Promoting a Safer Church’ (2017) and the following guidance:
Promoting a Safer Church; House of Bishops policy statement (2017)
Protecting All God’s Children (safeguarding policy for children and young people, 4th edition, 2010)
Promoting a Safe Church (safeguarding policy for adults, 2006)
Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure 2016

The documents above can be found on the Ely Diocese website and the national website.

There is a copy of ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ available in Church.

All Saints’ seeks to create a culture where everyone is included, respected, listened to
and taken seriously. We accept the prime duty of care for children and adults who may be
vulnerable, and have appointed a safeguarding co-ordinator to ensure that what we do is
informed by up-to-date policies and procedures from local and national authorities.
Our Safeguarding Co-ordinator is :

JENNIFER GORE. She can be contacted on : 01223 872405 or

We follow recommended safeguarding practice in recruiting, training and supporting our
ordained and lay ministers, our employees and our volunteers. Recruitment includes Disclosure
and Barring Service checks for those working substantially with children or vulnerable
adults. Health and Safety policies are in place and we have provided adequate insurance
cover for all activities undertaken in the name of the parish. All those working on
behalf of the parish have agreed to comply with the safeguarding policy and with the good
practice guidelines for their work.

We respond without delay to any complaint that a child or vulnerable adult in our care
may have been harmed by the behaviour of an employee or volunteer working on behalf of
the church. We always seek advice on such matters from outside this church, and we will
co-operate with statutory agencies during any enquiries they need to make into allega-
tions against a member of the church community. During those enquiries we will do our
best to ensure that those making an allegation, and those against whom an allegation has
been made, are supported appropriately.
We seek to offer informed pastoral care and support to any child or adult whose life has
been affected by abuse, whether the abuse was recent or long ago. Where there is a current
risk to vulnerable people that has not yet been brought to light, we will support the
person who has suffered abuse in taking information to the appropriate agencies.

This church wishes to welcome and support all members of its community. Those who have
a history of offences against vulnerable people, and/or who may pose a risk to them, are
offered a supportive agreement to help them take part in church life. They are supported
pastorally, and boundaries are set to protect those who might be vulnerable within the
church. Confidential safeguarding agreements are the responsibility of the Bishop’s Safeguarding
Adviser and the incumbent, who work together.

We regularly review and update our safeguarding policy, and we welcome comments from
those using our services on how we could improve our awareness and safeguarding practices.

This policy will be reviewed annually at the APCM.

This policy was last reviewed and adopted on Monday 11th June 2019.