Claire’s April letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all those who ’Zoomed in’ to attend my licensing by Bishop Stephen and also for the delightful cards, gift and messages of welcome that my husband, Paul,  and I have received since we arrived.

 As I write this I am looking out from my study window into the Vicarage garden in Haslingfield.  We have now been in residence just over a week and are enjoying the beautiful birdsong and the frequent visits by wildlife: to date a pheasant, numerous muntjacs and a very bold squirrel whom I have named “Charlie” who is very cute but does have a propensity for digging up flowers!

During this year of pandemic, when we’ve heard stories from families shielding in high-rise flats with no safe access to green spaces, those of us who live in rural areas have come to realise just how fortunate we are.

I certainly feel very blessed to be called by God to serve Barton, Coton, Harlton and Haslingfield as Team Vicar. I very much look forward to joining you at village events and at church services at All Saints, Haslingfield and the Church of the Assumption, Harlton when they resume and, by the time you read this in April, I hope to have already met many of you on daily walks or through phone calls.

As we celebrate Easter, and gradually emerge from lockdown, may you experience the joy of Mary Magdala who recognised the risen Lord Jesus in a garden that very first Easter Sunday as he called her by name.

Listen carefully, for Jesus might also be calling you.

With blessings,


Revd. Claire Robertson (Team Vicar)