Letter from Claire

– The following letter first appeared in Haslingfield Church and Village Magazine (September 2021) –

Dear Friends,

Music is such an integral part of our worship and our community life
that it is with delight that I can report that congregational singing
has restarted at All Saints’, Haslingfield, and at The Church of the
Assumption in Harlton!  By the time you read this, we shall also have
had two organ recitals at All Saints’ by the distinguished organists,
Anne Page and Anthony Gritten.

  Following in their footsteps is Nagi Tateno, one of Harlton’s current
organ scholars, who has just been awarded an organ scholarship at
Coventry Cathedral – see p13 to find out more.  Nagi will be taking up
her scholarship from September 2021 when she starts her degree at
Warwick University reading Economics.

Friday 17 September marks the commemoration of another remarkable
musician, Hildegard of Bingen.  Hildegard was a Benedictine nun in the
twelfth century.  She formed her own community, had visions, and was a
prolific composer.  She was also a writer, philosopher, mystic, healer
and prophet – in fact a medieval polymath.  She coined the term
“greenness” and inspired her listeners with her wisdom which is still
relevant today.  As we prepare to celebrate Harvest Festivals, let us
take Hildegard’s words to heart:

  _We shall awaken from our dullness and rise vigorously toward justice.
If we fall in love with creation deeper and deeper, we will respond to
its endangerment with passion.

  _All of creation is a song of praise to God

With blessings,