Restoration of Vestry Window

Our church has restored its vestry window in a bronze frame and with protective glazing. The window was removed under an emergency faculty in 2019 as it was in a very poor state due to movement in the vestry wall.

The restoration has been achieved with a grant from the Covid-19 Emergency Heritage at Risk Response Fund from Historic England and a legacy from a dear member of our congregation.

We knew it was an early Victorian restoration of a chancel window which contained some medieval glass, but it has proved to be more significant than we thought, with very early c14 leadwork and glass. Further research on the armorial shields date to that period.

Some great teamwork was involved to get the window in place in order to meet the grant’s September deadline. 

As the vestry is locked during the day, please contact Jennifer Gore, Church Warden if you would like to see the window and learn more.