Sunday 29th March – Lordsbridge Team United Service

Lordsbridge Team United Service – Click on the link below to watch on YouTube!

Please see below the link to view A Lordsbridge Service of the Word for 29th March, 5th Sunday in Lent. It will be available by 10.30am on Sunday 29th March, and at other times of day. Just click and watch.

As well as the video service,family activities below come from Revd Becca Gilbert and the team at Haslingfield Church.

 Pick N’ Mix Kids Church

Whilst we are unable to meet we thought it might be nice to pull some resources together that we can dip into. Worshiping as a family at home can be very difficult and in reality it ends up being more of a short pick n’ mix of activities, some of which work and some do not!  We had started to use some resources from the Blackburn Diocese in Little and Super Saints at Haslingfield which follow the readings each week in church. I have taken some of their activities and broken them down into different areas; a bible slot, prayer, a craft and a game. Feel free to have a go at them all or maybe just try one of them. Do let me know if you find this useful and we will see how it evolves.

Bible Slot: Read the story of Lazarus, John 11: 1-45,  it is also in lots of picture bibles or you could read a Lego version here:

Game:  Suck It Up All players sit in a circle with an empty cup (with their name written on it) and a straw. In the centre of the circle, place a large bowl of Maltesers. Each player takes turns rolling a dice, aiming to roll a six. When a six is rolled, that player moves to the bowl in the centre and uses their straw to suck up a Malteser and deposit it in their cup. At the end of the game, see who has rolled the most sixes, and therefore collected the most Maltesers.

Prayer:  Patience Do this following the game. How did it feel waiting to get a six? Was it hard waiting to eat your Maltesers? It can be hard being patient. God understands that, so we can bring our frustrations to him. Let everyone have one of their Maltesers. As they eat ask them to think of a situation where they need patience. Pray for God’s help with this.
Pray together: Father God, we bring you the areas of our lives where we struggle to wait. Please give us your patience. Amen

Craft:  Paper Weaving See the link for instructions for how to make woven paper pictures to take home: As the children weave, discuss how in weaving sometimes it’s hard to see at the beginning what the picture will look like but eventually all the bits come together to make it beautiful. It’s the same with our walk with God; sometimes we don’t understand but later we may see how it came together beautifully. You could laminate the weavings to make dinner mats.