East Vestry Wall

There are cracks in the east vestry wall which have been there since 1997 at least. This was deemed to have been caused by the mature lime trees 14 metres to the north of the vestry north wall. The underlying subsoil is medium to high shrinkability clay. A root barrier was installed along the path running east west approx. 6 metres from the wall to a depth of 2 metres in about the year 2000 to stop the lime tree roots from causing movement to both the east vestry wall and also the east wall of the north nave.

The cracks have since been monitored. The movement had been virtually eliminated until construction of a new foul drain along the path accidentally damaged the root barrier. Since then the east vestry wall has cracked further, resulting in damage to the stained glass window in that wall. See the Andrew Firebrace Partnership report March 2020. This recommends the partial replacement of the root barrier.

The attached documents show the details of proposed repair which will all be undertaken within the footpath to avoid encroaching into the graveyard. Initially, test pits will be excavated to locate the existing root barrier and determine the location and extent of the damage. A decision will then be made as to the extent of the repairs required. This is described on SK20 and 21.