We welcome babies, children and adults to baptism. Gods love is available to everyone regardless of age, and baptism is a sign of the new start God offers to all. If you are wanting to explore the Christian faith as an adult, please contact Rev’d Claire to find out more. If you would like to find out more about baptism for your baby or child, further information is available here.

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Christian Baptism
We welcome to Christian baptism all those living in the parish of Haslingfield.

Baptisms normally take place in the context of the main Sunday morning service at 9.30am, and most often on the first Sunday of the month at our All-Age Service. This will be after you have had the chance to meet together with a minister and to think through the meaning of baptism and the pattern of the service itself. We welcome babies for baptism, but you or your child can be baptised at any age.

If you live outside the parish
If you live outside Haslingfield Parish but have strong links with the village, we will be happy to consider baptism at All Saints’. However, you must also make contact with the minister of your local parish church to ensure that they are happy for the baptism to take place in Haslingfield, and to allow you to develop the link with your own parish church. We normally suggest that the best place to have your child baptised is your own local parish church.

Will it cost anything?
There is no charge for baptism.

Thinking seriously about what’s involved
Christian baptism is a commitment to bring up your child within the Christian community, and to encourage him or her to grow in Christian faith. You need to be ready to take this seriously, and to offer all the encouragement you can by a commitment to regular Christian prayer and worship; we will do all we can to help you in this All Saints welcomes babies, and has activities for children each Sunday. If you are not close to Haslingfield, we will expect you to follow up your child’s baptism through involvement in your local church.

Baptism and confirmation for yourself as a parent
We can only pass on to our children what we have ourselves. If you are not baptised (and there is no age limit for it!), or were baptised as a child but have not been confirmed, we will be very happy to talk through with you what is involved in this.

During the baptism service Godparents make a commitment to support the parents in bringing up the child as a Christian. Passing on the Christian faith to children is an exciting but sometimes challenging task and so we ask that you think carefully about who to ask to be a Godparent. They should be someone who will take seriously the commitment to pray for the child and pass on the Christian faith. They should be baptised themselves.

For more information
Please contact Rev’d Claire if you are interested in baptism at All Saints’ Church.