Recently the children have started taking lanterns from the church out to their two Sunday Club groups. They help the leaders light them from the Paschal candle and take it in turns to carry them carefully to their group where they remain lit and are then brought back at the end of the session.

Little Saints (3-7years) take theirs to the vestry and keep it shining on a high windowsill. Super Saints (7+) take theirs to the Vicarage, everyone following behind the lantern bearer. The leader or helper places it high up to shine out safely.

Taking the light from the Paschal candle and holding it while the children, leaders and helpers are prayed for and commissioned for their groups reminds us that God’s light is with us, wherever we are gathered. As Jesus told us – where groups are gathered, He is there too.

The light is a reminder that we are still ‘church’ even while in a different room or building, and we worship, pray, read the Bible and learn just as the adults back in the main church building do.