MESSY CHURCH WITH HOLY COMMUNION took place in Haslingfield Church for the first time a short while ago.  It was attended by members of churches in the Lordsbridge Team.

The theme was The Easter Story, presented as ‘The Almost Unbelievable Truth’ led by Reverend Beth Cope, the Lordsbridge Team Pioneer Curate.

A welcome breakfast – tea or coffee, croissants, brioche and fresh fruit – was enjoyed in groups seated round tables.

We followed liturgy which led to some of the congregation taking part in a short drama retelling the Easter story.


We were then invited to take part in activities such as making ‘road to Emmaus biscuits,’ using spices to paint a picture of the empty tomb, creating a representation of the Creed, and walking a prayer labyrinth. Adults and children participated in whichever of the eight activities they chose.




Our Messy Church Service closed with Communion led by Rev Beth Cope